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The COVID-19 Essential Marketing Pack

At Menace Group we know the importance of communicating with your clients and audiences during peak times, we also know how difficult that can be for businesses that are extremely looking to win new customers. So, with that in mind we developed a specialised Essential Marketing Strategy for businesses who have found themselves having to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that you are able to communicate relevant and important information to your customers which will help you to maintain good business through the downturn and drive your success further and stay ahead of your competition once things return to some kind of normality.

ONLY $585 +GST per week*

*excludes recommended Ad spend

Email Marketing

1. EDM Communications

We'll help you reach your customers and audiences with relevant and important information that let them know what you are doing, how you have responded to COVID-19 Restrictions and how you can continue to service and help your customers.
Social Advertising


Your Social media Strategy is going to play an important part of your marketing plan. We will assist you to create engaging and informative advertising to reach new and existing audience, with carefully crafted messages and content that will establish you as a leader in your space.
Social Media posts


Your Social Media content is another key component of communication with your audience, customers and potential customers. It is important during downturns that communication through Social Media channels is maintained, while ensuring the balance between too much and not enough is managed. We'll create and deliver that plan for you.