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At Menace Group we understand the need for businesses to adapt during uncertain times. That's why we have pivoted and adjusted our course to be delivered online!

What does our course include?

Get monthly marketing training from Kevin Spiteri and his digital marketing team that runs Menace Group...
PLUS get...

Ongoing support for 12 months to help with the strategies you'll roll out after learning them in this course.


About The 'Menace Marketing Method' Course.

Who Is This Marketing Course For?

Menace Group have delivered world class marketing services to large businesses across Australia for years. 
The team at Menace create the strategies, roll them out and manage them 7 days a week on behalf of these clients.  

Whilst we love our work, we understand marketing budgets are a little tight right now.
Many businesses know they need marketing and are looking at ways to do this in house. 

This where we can help. 

The Menace Marketing Method course consists of the same marketing strategies we deliver to our clients, however, they’re repackaged and delivered to business owners who can roll them out with the guidance, support and feedback from the subject matter expert within Menace Group, and of course from Kevin Spiteri himself.

Interested in learning the latest marketing strategies relevant to your business?
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What you get for 12 Months

Section 1

  • This is a powerful session: Before you start firing on all cylinders, Section 1 will help you strategise your approach. We'll consider your own personal business, your industry your competitors and the landscape in general.

Section 2

  • A skyscraper is only as strong as its foundations: The Menace team will step you through strengthening your foundations to the core, and then from the inside out to strategise your channels to market.

Section 3

  • Understanding WHERE you should execute your new/revised marketing strategy is critical. What's the best channel to access your best customers? And what strategies work on what channels to reach them. We'll be working with you to nail all of this and more.

Section 4

  • Reaching your audience and growing your audience is all covered in Section 4. After this session you can build a process to grow your audience and sell to the crowd you have created by implementing sections 1 - 3 of the 'Menace Method' marketing course.

Section 5

  • During the live online course we give you the core elements, strategies and we help you create the plan.
    The implementation section is critical for ongoing questions, feedback and support to implement what you have learned.

    You and your fellow group members who are also going through the same course with you, will
    be part of and involved with an active and private online group where you can break down the details
    from the live online course days, and also ask questions and share your progress too.

Access to Menace Mentors


The Menace Marketing Method consists of the same strategies the Menace team deliver for our clients, however, they’re repackaged and delivered to business owner like you, who can roll it out with the guidance, support and feedback from the subject matter expert within Menace Group, and Kevin Spiteri himself.


The Menace Method Overview

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