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Many people think marketing is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Some see it is as too hard or just aren’t sure where to start. Others see big brands like Apple, Nike and Facebook, and are in awe of their success. But how can you do the same?

Here at Menace Group, we understand that successful marketing is more than just looking good. A sexy brand without a clear marketing direction is like a Ferrari without an engine. This is where we come in. With a simple three-step process for all things Marketing.Digital.Social, we make it easy for you.

Located on the Central Coast of NSW, and servicing not only Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle regions, but also branching out into international waters, Menace Group - Marketing.Digital.Social is here to support you with a complete marketing service, from marketing strategy and execution, through to website development and management of your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

Kevin Spiteri

Meet Kevin Spiteri, Managing Director of Menace Group and lover of all things Marketing.Digital.Social. Kevin likes to do things differently.

“Hi my name is Kevin and I have over 15 years experience working for small businesses right through to multinational corporations, backed by a strong educational foundation and business pedigree. Menace Group was born out of sheer frustration for the mediocrity that exists in the marketing industry.

In an effort to help small to medium sized businesses grow through their marketing, digital, and social media channels, Menace Group is designed to support you each step of the way, while stirring the pot. Let’s make things interesting!”

Kevin Spiteri,

Menacing Director

Kevin Spiteri CEO of Menace Group




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